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Benefits of having POS in your Retail Store

benefits of having pos in your retail store 5 Benefits of having a Point of Sale System in your Retail Store benefits of having pos in your retail store Retail is a tough industry and as any owner would know it becomes a juggle to stay operational when dealing with tight margins, increasing competition and […]

Gift Cards Expiry

Changes to NSW legislation see Gift Card expiry dates changed Gift Cards are always a popular choice for a present, they provide convenience and most retailers offer them to consumers, meaning they are readily available in those gifting times of needs.  But a large percentage of them are lost or failed to be used before […]

How to contact support

Need to contact Creative POS Support? There are a few ways to do so Your Point of Sale support is important, and not knowing the correct way to get hold of the team when you are having issues can make for a frustrating experience.  Generally the easiest way to contact support is the phone number, […]

Preparing your venue for Mother’s Day

Preparing your venue for Mother’s Day The day that is recognised around the world in honour of mothers, motherhood, and the influence that mothers have in our society is just around the corner so now is the time to start preparing your venue for Mother’s Day.  Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of […]

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Benefits of having a Support Package

Benefits of Support Packages We all need a little help, and sometimes things may happen at the most inconvenient times possible.  That is why when we sell a Point of Sale System we recommend getting a support package as well.  There are numerous benefits of Support Packages and with over 15 years in the industry we understand […]

Increasing Revenue without Raising Prices

Increasing Revenue without Raising Prices Your business could always be doing better. There will always be room to improve in anything you do and like most businesses revenue turn over would be high on that list.  Of course the obvious choice to increase revenue would be to raise prices within your venue, but this isn’t always […]

Key Expo Dates 2018

Key Expo and Event dates for 2018 There is a huge year ahead filled with some big events and great trade expos that would not only suit the most high class of foodie but also benefit your business.  We have compiled a list of just some of the top ones that are happening this year […]

5 Marketing tips to increase your sales this Easter

5 Marketing tips to help increase your Sales this Easter With the Easter chocolate trade worth hundreds of millions of dollars and the Easter holiday period turning into one of the most profitable of the year, behind Christmas, it’s time to hatch some marketing plans for your business and capture that crazy trade.  And since […]

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Hospitality Trends for 2018

Food and Hospitality Trends for 2018 In 2017 we saw the rise of healthy foods, sustainable options, the introduction of more vegan restaurants and vegan alternatives and a growth in food delivery services. It showed that consumers are becoming more and more aware of the foods that they are purchasing and their impacts on environment […]

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Use Point of Sale reports to improve Business

Ways to use Point of Sale reports to improve your Business Point of Sale reports business improve A valuable tool within your business is your Point of Sale software and the reports and capabilities that most have built in.   A valuable POS system will allow its users to pull a numerous amount of reports from […]