Idealpos Online

Idealpos has now launched Idealpos online, the cloud based solution for your businesses reporting needs.  This program allows any size business to connect one or all of their POS terminals and as soon as the initial set up is complete all of the data will be available directly on the website allowing for access anywhere and at anytime.    

All your data in the cloud

Have all of your businesses data and information, retrievable from the cloud, in real-time for whenever you need it.  

Build your Dashboard

You have the freedom to build your own dashboard, so you can see the exact data and charts your business needs.

Access on any Device

Log in on the web based platform and have access to all of your data from any device, whether smartphone, tablet or PC. 



Because the dashboard is updated every minute, you will be able to access your store's data in real-time.  The dashboard is completely customisable to your exact needs, and you can change the information shown depending on each user.  


Journal History Enquiry

Idealpos Online allows you to search through every individual transaction when using the Journal History Enquire feature.  So you will be able to search and filer out various transactions so you can find the exact process and then you will be able to save, print, email or export the results.  

View  Reports

Through this system you will have access to all of your reports which you can update depending on search criteria.  Once you have created the desired report you can print, save, export or email, same as you would out of your actual POS terminal.    

Check terminals connection 

If you connect all of your POS terminals through Ideal Online you will be able to check the individual status of each terminal so you will always know which ones are connected, so you can be sure that all of your data is up to date and includes the latest information.  



All businesses interested in Idealpos Online will be given a 30-day free trial.  This trial will allow you to access the full features and functions of a working subscription, so you can see if this package is right for you and your business. 

There are numerous plans and pricing levels, each is automatically processed and billed monthly from a stored credit card. 


If you are interested in trying Idealpos Online, head to the link below and get started on your 30 day free trial.


Or if you would like more information on this new software and how it can help your business, contact the team at Creative POS

07 3483 0525