Our system syncs seamlessly with a range of accounting software solutions. Having an accounting platform integrated with your point of sale system is beneficial in not only saving you time and money but allows you easier insight into your businesses finances.   



Having a customer loyalty membership program at your venue not only helps to keep your customers returning but increases customer satisfaction with the likelihood of them recommending you to their friends and family.  By offering a membership program you can keep your customers up to date with specials, and offer them rewards for in store spending.  


Reservations are a huge part of the hospitality industry.  Having a point of sale system that can manage all of the information needed to effectively implement reservations means you can have all your customers information at your finger tips and further integrations can power your service even more.  

Stock Control 

Implementing stock control is a crucial tool to help decrease waste, manage stock levels and keep business costs controlled.  With a powerful stock control tool our point of sale system helps you manage all aspects of your stock, from purchasing, transfers, dumps and stock takes.  


With the ability to work alongside a reliable range of hardware options, you can serve your customers knowing that your payment system can be trusted.  


Barcode Scanning

Barcodes can be used in both the sales process and the stock control process of your business through the system.  Having the ability to scan items into a sales not only speeds up the sales process but also minimises mistakes.  Scanning can also be used on customer membership cards, gift vouchers, receipts and as an alternative way for an employee to log on.   



Make more informed decisions with in your business by using detailed reports from many aspects of your business including sales, stock control, financial.  With the ability to customise reporting range and fields you will be able to configure the exact format your business needs and have it automatically produced at a specific time.  


Split Bills

In a service based industry it's things like offering the ability to split bills that can help your business to get ahead of the competition. Split each bill by covers, items or a combination of both, with no manual calculations or errors.