Splitting Bills amongst the table

Splitting Bills in the hospitality industry isn't as widely accepted in the Australian service industry compared to the foreign market.  This is put down to a combination of reasons and it is up to the restaurants discretion as to whether they will or will not split a bill amongst a table.  But it seems to be a large proportion don't accept this method due to the time it takes for the staff to manually divide the bill and then process the payments separately.  Unless you have invested in a POS that takes the time and complication out of splitting bills, removing the possibility of manual calculation errors, which could leave you out of pocket. 

With what Creative Point of Sale can offer you, you can be easily split bills amongst tables using either covers or items.  Have the system keep a running total of what is left to be paid, reducing any errors from manual entering and even allow the payments to be paid at different times, in case a portion of the table has to leave early.  The process is easy and uncomplicated, and having your business offering this service could give you an edge over competitors that don't, which could help you grow your customer loyalty and repeat customer base.  




Split each bill by covers, items or a combination of both, with no manual calculations or errors. 


Still provide each diner with their own receipt for what they purchased.  


Always know the amount still owing with a running calculation for the table, with no manual addition. 


Encourage customer loyalty by increasing your customer satisfaction with this added service.  

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Having the edge with added services

In a service based industry it's things like offering the ability to split bills that can help your business to get ahead of the competition.  Although it's completely up to you if you want to offer the service of bill splitting within your venue, if the reasoning is because of the time it takes your server to work out totals fairly amongst a table this feature could change that.  With it, you are giving your staff the ability to easily divide the bill up by table numbers or items ordered with no manual calculation required.  

Talk to the Creative Point of Sale team today if you would like more information on the service of splitting bills within POS.