Customise Your Customers Experience

Creating a more personalised experience for customers is one way to incentivise them into drumming up more business at your venue. One tried and tested way of doing this is offering a customer loyalty program. With our system you can reward them for their in store spending’s, create distinct specials based on their past purchases and use their details to create mail out lists.

 It is a well known business fact that it's easier (and cheaper) to retain a customer than it is to attract a new one, so having a well implemented loyalty program is a crucial part in helping to drive repeat business. Our system allows you to easily offer a membership and points system that can help you increase customer loyalty.  When customers feel they receive a bonus or some form of beneficial service from a business that they have shopped at, they are more likely to return, and sometimes will tell their friends about it. 

Adding customers is as simple as swiping or scanning a loyalty card or can be quickly searched by name, number or email.   

Some key features of our loyalty program include:

  •  Customers can use Points which accumulate for store purchases 
  • Member only specials
  • Offer bonuses on stock items
  • Electronic tracking of customer purchases 

These features allow you to give your customers a sense of ownership and will help to create a lasting relationship that will keep them coming back to your venue!