Implementing Stock Control in your Venue

Implementing Stock Control in your Venue We are all aware of the importance of inventory management and implementing stock control in your venue, that’s a given. Some businesses are still doing stock control with simple pen and paper methods, which can be incredibly time consuming and often lead to mistakes.  So using your Point of Sale […]

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Benefits of having POS in your Retail Store

benefits of having pos in your retail store 5 Benefits of having a Point of Sale System in your Retail Store benefits of having pos in your retail store Retail is a tough industry and as any owner would know it becomes a juggle to stay operational when dealing with tight margins, increasing competition and […]

How to contact support

Need to contact Creative POS Support? There are a few ways to do so Your Point of Sale support is important, and not knowing the correct way to get hold of the team when you are having issues can make for a frustrating experience.  Generally the easiest way to contact support is the phone number, […]

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Benefits of having a Support Package

Benefits of Support Packages We all need a little help, and sometimes things may happen at the most inconvenient times possible.  That is why when we sell a Point of Sale System we recommend getting a support package as well.  There are numerous benefits of Support Packages and with over 15 years in the industry we understand […]

Essential Guide: Opening a Cafe

Essential Guide to opening a Café Drinking coffee is a part of many peoples daily routines. So the café industry is a sector that continues to see growth and will continue to rise with the demand for more local coffee houses. Opening a café is something people dream about when they’re stuck in their cubicle […]

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Applying a Public Holiday Surcharge

 Setting Up a Public Holiday Surcharge On Public holidays some businesses will look to utilise a surcharge to help cover the higher costs of wages for their staff on this day.  It is set as a percentage rate that is applied to all menu items.   From the ACCC site: Restaurants, cafes and bistros that charge a surcharge […]

Support Packages – Are They Really Worth It?

Often when prompted to sign up for support packages, you can’t help but look at it like an extended warranty offer,  thinking it is just another cost that you’re more than like not going to get anything out of.  And sometimes you may be right in thinking this! However, a support package for certain software/equipment […]

Spending Money to Make Money

This is not just a comment, its real whether you like it or not! Search this phrase on Google and it will show you approximately 118 million results. Good, bad or otherwise you would have encountered this at some stage. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting you go out there and buy the […]