benefits of customer loyalty programs

Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs

Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs Loyalty programs have been gaining new momentum in recent years.  They not only offer the business numerous benefits but they have also become a standard in the consumer experience. Having an effective loyalty program is an important factor in retaining exisiting customers and increasing shopping loyalty. These programs can differ greatly […]

power of having an ecommerce store

Power of having an Ecommerce Store

The Power of having an Ecommerce Store The Power of Having an Ecommerce Store that links to your physical store is endless. Expanding your physical store into having an online presence is growing increasingly easier and popular.  Managing the two stores is also becoming a seamless process. Shopping itself has changed and is becoming a whole […]

using pos to grow your business

Using POS to Grow your Business

Using POS to grow your Business Business owners often underestimate the capabilities of a POS system. Thinking of it purely as a way of keeping track of sales, returns and day to day operations. Of course this is part of the main reason for implementing a POS system in your business, but it can offer […]

Benefits of Mobile POS within your Business

Benefits of Mobile POS The Benefits of having a Mobile Point of Sale Solution Having a mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) solution within your restaurant venue can be an absolute game changer.  This non disruptive little player is exactly that. A completely mobile touch point that gives your staff the ability to take orders from […]

Preparing your venue for Mother’s Day

Preparing your venue for Mother’s Day The day that is recognised around the world in honour of mothers, motherhood, and the influence that mothers have in our society is just around the corner so now is the time to start preparing your venue for Mother’s Day.  Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of […]

Increasing Revenue without Raising Prices

Increasing Revenue without Raising Prices Your business could always be doing better. There will always be room to improve in anything you do and like most businesses revenue turn over would be high on that list.  Of course the obvious choice to increase revenue would be to raise prices within your venue, but this isn’t always […]

5 Marketing tips to increase your sales this Easter

5 Marketing tips to help increase your Sales this Easter With the Easter chocolate trade worth hundreds of millions of dollars and the Easter holiday period turning into one of the most profitable of the year, behind Christmas, it’s time to hatch some marketing plans for your business and capture that crazy trade.  And since […]

point of sale vector reports account

Use Point of Sale reports to improve Business

Ways to use Point of Sale reports to improve your Business Point of Sale reports business improve A valuable tool within your business is your Point of Sale software and the reports and capabilities that most have built in.   A valuable POS system will allow its users to pull a numerous amount of reports from […]

old style cash register vector

Benefits of updating your POS system

Why should you upgrade to a POS system? The benefits of updating your system.  So you have a system in place already.  Everyone knows how to use it, you can work on it, your service time is reasonable so why would you upgrade to a POS system? If you think your system is already sufficient […]

Christmas Marketing Tips

Marketing tips for your venue this holiday season It seems every year Christmas rolls around faster and faster.  And with it being so close to the end of the year it’s time to start making sure you have everything in order for trading over the silly season has arrived. According to a study done by […]