Getting ready for your POS installation

Checklist to ensure you are ready to get your POS up and running So you’ve decided to run your own business, you’ve fitted out your location of choice, chosen suppliers, hired staff and have made the all important choice of your Point of Sale System.  We understand how exciting (and stressful) this time can be […]

Gift Cards increase holiday sales

4 Ways to Increase Gift Card sales these Holidays Whether you own a retail store or hospitality venue the offering of gift cards to your customers is a large part of the sales process as gift cards are a fantastic way to boost sales around the Holiday/Christmas period. Although, sometimes referred to as impersonal, 50.4% of consumers […]

Customer loyalty – Growing repeat business

Customer Loyalty – Growing Repeat Business Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one? The first rule of any business is to retain customers and build a loyal relationship with them because when repeat customers are established it is much easier to […]

Software Rollout & Automation

What we see more often than not is failure to correctly implement everything from BI (Business Intelligence) systems, document storage solutions and of course point of sales software. Now this can be caused by both the supplier and or the customer (yes you!) as software implementation is not a “start stop” process. To get the […]

Stock Control: The good, the Bad and the profitable!!

Are You Losing Profit without Realising? Stock Control – we all know what it is, but we often forget it’s importance. The word ‘Stocktake’ can make even the humblest of staff cringe, a task that is more often than not pushed aside to be dealt with by your future self. But do you have any […]

Supplier Relationships: Communication is Key

  More often than not we see first-hand the damage caused between customers and suppliers by the lack of communication on both parties. Here are some tips to ensure you maintain a healthy working relationship, in time benefiting your business:   Schedule regular appointments with your suppliers – This will keep them up to date on […]

Support Packages – Are They Really Worth It?

Often when prompted to sign up for support packages, you can’t help but look at it like an extended warranty offer,  thinking it is just another cost that you’re more than like not going to get anything out of.  And sometimes you may be right in thinking this! However, a support package for certain software/equipment […]

Why Creative Point of Sale?

So, you’re about to open up a new business? Or your business is already booming and you’re ready to take the next step to improve your service and efficiency? Or you’ve taken over an existing business and are looking to see exactly what you can get from a Point of Sale system in the 21st […]

The New Us.

Welcome to our new site!!! We have been working tirelessly to bring not just a new image to our business but a more interactive website that can give you, our client, a better insight on what really goes on at Creative Point of Sale. Step 1.Breaking away from the old stagnant website that provides no […]