Why should you integrate your accounting software with your POS system?

Having these two packages integrated seamlessly together will not only save you time and money but allows for a deeper insight into business progress.  The integration can allow you a direct transfer of your daily figures, sales and payments directly from your POS and straight into your accounting software.  

Some of the benefits of integrating your POS and accounting software include

  • Save time & money because you no longer have to manually enter your business data
  • Have accurate and up to date figures with no more human errors
  • Always have balanced figures in your accounting platform because they won't be sent until they are correct in POS
  • An automatic sync of all data between your POS and accounting platform
  • Gain a deeper understanding into your business


Save time

Cut down on your admin time with an accounting integration and have your sales, products, stock, customers and suppliers automatically added every time you close your till.  

Know your Business

Use reporting power to track cash flow and payments due, allowing you to make informed decisions every day.  

Accurate Data

Always have accurate and up to date figures within your accounting software, since data can not be sent until it is balanced and correct

Contact the Creative team if you would like to know which accounting platforms our Point of Sale software can integrate with.