public holiday surcharge

Public Holiday Surcharge 

On Public holidays some businesses will look to utilise a surcharge to help cover the higher costs of wages for their staff on this day.  It is set as a percentage rate that is applied to all menu items.

From the ACCC site:
Restaurants, cafes and bistros that charge a surcharge on certain days do not need to provide a separate menu or price list or have a separate price column with the surcharge factored in. However, the menu must include the words “a surcharge of [percentage] applies on [the specified day or days]” and these words must be displayed at least as prominently as the most prominent price on the menu.
If the menu does not have prices listed, these words must be displayed in a way that is conspicuous and visible to a reader. These measures apply to pricing for both food and beverages.

When using a public holiday surcharge you are required to show the customer a sub-total plus the surcharge so they can see the breakdown within the total price.

To set up your Surcharge please follow the steps below:

Adding a surcharge to your Epos Now system for Public Holidays

Currently there is no Automatic way to add a surcharge to all purchases made on a particular day through the Epos Now system, but it has been requested to be incorporated in future updates from the developers.

There are however two options

Manual Entering - Using the Discount Function 

Automated - Using Price Scheduling (But requires the use of 2 Apps, one of which is a Paid App from the Epos Now App Store)

To set up the Surcharge using the Discount Function

To set up a way to charge a percentage level more on your items you will have to set up a negative discount reason that can be selected during a transaction. This Surcharge has to be activated on every sale, so your staff will have to remember this on check out.

To Set up a Public Holiday Surcharge. 

  1. Navigate to your Back Office and select SETUP > Company > Discount Reasons > ADD DISCOUNT REASON

2. Here you want to add in your negative discount (as the negative discount will add on the % amount to the total).

Reason: Give your Discount a Name. We have chosen PUBLIC HOLIDAY SURCHARGE

Default Value: You Must enter the percentage amount you want to charge your customers as a negative amount. ie if you apply a 15% surcharge enter in -15

Location Areas: Select the the location areas you want the discount to show up. We have selected "All Location Areas" to ensure the discount reasons in on every till.

How to apply the Surcharge to Each Transaction

NOTE: This Surcharge process requires it to be enabled for each transaction.

  1. Enter the Customers items as per normal. When they are ready, hit PAY.

2. On the PAY Screen select DISCOUNT


4. Select the pre set up option DISCOUNT BY -15%

5. The Sale will now reflect an addition of 15%

As you can see the total in this instance went from TOTAL $10.00 ($0.90 TAX) to a TOTAL of $11.50 ($1.04 TAX) and breaking down the discount applied of $1.50 as the 15% added to the sale.

6. Now that the Surcharge is applied, hit DONE and proceed to process the sale as per normal by selecting payment methods.

NOTE: These steps will have to be repeated for every transaction to ensure that the Surcharge is applied.


For an Automated Surcharge 


If you would like to set up an Automated Surcharge for the Public Holidays and reduce the chance of manual entering mistakes this can be done by adding in a Price Schedule on every product.

To do this you will need to add two Apps onto your Epos Now Licence

  1. Price Scheduling (free)
  2. Bulk Import (£15 per month)

Bulk Import is needed so you can export your entire product list out of the system.  Once you have the export you are able to alter the prices in CSV format to what they would be with a % surcharge added

ie. if the original price of an item was $10 and you apply a 15% surcharge on public holidays then in the spreadsheet we would set up a formula to change the prices to account for this increase and therefore make the price $11.50.



If you would like an automated Surcharge added to your system and are happy with having the above two apps installed on your Epos Now system then the team will happily help you to set up the rest.

Once you have installed the above two apps on your licence then contact the team on either

07 3483 0525 

And let the team know the days you are planning to be open and have a Surcharge applied, what percentage surcharge you wish to apply, and your opening hours.