Epos Now Feature Vote 


In order to survive in an ever evolving world you need to be able to stand out from the competition and offer exactly what your consumers are after.  Epos Now understands this and as a result works with their customers to better create a Point of Sale system that can mould itself into their business model.

One integral part that helps Epos Now gather this information is the Feature Vote system that is built into the Back Office of your Epos Now account.  In this platform is a place customers can suggest new features they would like to see in their Epos Now Point of Sale and vote for suggestions made by other users.  This process allows great insight into exactly what customers want, and why and also shows how popular particular requests can be.  Epos Now can communicate with the community and ask for more details and question about these features to find out how the customer would like them to work.

Each customer has 50 votes to use on suggested features, and they can use up to 3 votes on a single suggestions.  However the votes need to be used wisely as each customer is limited to just 50 votes. Once these votes are used a user will still be able to read and comment on any other suggestions.


How to access Feature Vote 

In the Epos Now Back Office Navigate to the Support Channel.  Here you will see a Feature Vote Tab. Click on this and there you will be able to access all of the current suggestions, vote on the ones you like or enter in your own suggestion.

If you are looking on an iPad and can't see the Feature Vote section, head to the Support tab and in the search box search for "Feature Vote" and then click on the Feature Vote Page.

To Vote for new Epos Now Features

Head to the Back Office and go into the Support Channel. Inside you have a Feature Vote channel.

Here you can vote for the items you would like to see upgraded within the POS and add in new features you believe the software should include.