Bulk Import for Epos Now



Bulk Import is an App add on that can be found in your Epos Now AppStore that allows you to upload spreadsheet data to your Back Office. Using Epos Now product and stock matrix templates, you can quickly and easily add thousands of products and alter stock levels within your Back Office.

Bulk Import also allows for the import of the following:

  • Products
  • Stock
  • Categories
  • Barcodes
  • Customers
  • SKU's

When you download and install this app you unlock the following features and benefits:

  • The ability to update your till system with your latest product portfolio and seasonal stock at the click of a few buttons.  Just input the data within one of the templated sheets, click upload and it instantly appears within your Back Office.

This is a huge time saving tool for any business and makes it a must for those that regularly update or edit their product listings and stock levels.


Bulk Import comes at a price of £15 per month, but is free to use while you are in a 30 day free trial.

This makes it the perfect opportunity to take advantage of and get your store set up with all of your products quickly and easily.

To access the App navigate to the AppStore in your Epos Now Back Office and you will find Bulk Import under Recommended Apps.

Once you have found it, and installed it, it will now be located in the "My Apps" Section of the AppStore.


From here, when you hit set up you will be taken to the full instruction screen for Bulk Import and will also find all the different downloadable templates that can be used to import different values and products.  You will also find the area in which to upload these completed document templates and a list of all previous Bulk Imports made into the system time, with a time stamp and the number of items created.