power of having an ecommerce store

The Power of having an Ecommerce Store

The Power of Having an Ecommerce Store that links to your physical store is endless. Expanding your physical store into having an online presence is growing increasingly easier and popular.  Managing the two stores is also becoming a seamless process. Shopping itself has changed and is becoming a whole new social interaction. Instead of having conversations in store, consumers share their opinions and purchases via social media and online reviews.  Because these shares are generally viewed by many followers or friends this access can be beneficial to brand building. Especially when your store or products start receiving good reviews.

With the ability to integrate your Point of Sale software and Ecommerce platform.  This integration between the two packages means that your stock on hand only has to be updated in your Point of Sale system and it can automatically carry across to your Ecommerce store.  Having this implemented will ensure that you don’t sell out of a product online, because you sold it in your physical store.  So with this in mind we look at the power that having an ecommerce platform can provide a retail business.

Ecommerce allows your Business to overcome Geographical limitations

With your physical store you are limited by your actual geographical area and the customers that are around that area.  With an ecommerce website these limitations are completely irrelevant and you gain the ability to sell to absolutely anyone, anywhere.  This is great for smaller retail businesses. Who can have the ability to reach consumers on a nation and possibly even global scale.

Grow your Customer Base

Removing the geographical limitations of your store will mean you have the ability to Gain new customers and grow further.  Since your Physical store is driven by branding and relationships your online store will have the same principles. Along with new traffic that can come from search engines.  This additional traffic can sometimes happen by accident when a user clinks a link. They can then navigate to an ecommerce website they have never heard of.  Rebranding to this traffic in particular (whether they ended up purchasing from you ) can also increase your overall exposure.

Real Estate

Location, Location, Location, we all know the importance of this. Firstly your physical store, will always need a prominent high traffic area so you can be seen by your customers. But your ecommerce store doesn’t need this.  So a bonus with your ecommerce store is that the extra sales it generates can help cover your costs of high rent, power etc for that top location.

Power of having an Ecommerce Store

Opening Hours

Your physical store is always limited to the hours it is staffed. Which can become costly in expenses if you want to expand your opening hours. But your Ecommerce platform can remain open 24/7 for customers to view and purchase items.  This is both convenient for your customers, and can increase the number of orders your store processes.

Eliminate Travel Time for your Customers

Customers will travel distances to reach their preferred physical store. So bringing them an ecommerce experience may allow them to shop more frequently with just a few mouse clicks.

This is also the same for a customer that discovers your store while holidaying in that area, they will be able to repeatedly shop again at your store after their holiday is over.

Information Overload

There is only so much information you can have readily available to shoppers at your physical store. Or only so much knowledge your staff can inform them of.  But with your ecommerce store you can provide customers all the information available on that item at the click of a button.  Consumers like to make informed decisions, so adding in information for the product that is generally supplied by the vendor does not cost anything extra, and is easy to maintain.

These are just some of the areas that your retail business can benefit from when you look to establish an ecommerce store.  And with the digital world ever evolving the Power of Having an Ecommerce Store will continue to grow stronger.  

When your Point of Sale software can directly integrate with you ecommerce platform it makes the set up and the running of the store just a little more smoother.

Want to see what programs our systems can integrate with? Click Here for a list of some of the platforms available  or contact the team and they will be able to discuss and inform you of the exact ecommerce platforms available.

Power of Having an Ecommerce Store Power of Having an Ecommerce Store Power of Having an Ecommerce Store Power of Having an Ecommerce Store Power of Having an Ecommerce Store Power of Having an Ecommerce Store Power of Having an Ecommerce Store