Integrating your Accounting Software with your Point of Sale Platform

What are the benefits of Integrating your Accounting Software with your Point of Sale Platform? And Why should you integrate your Accounting platform with your Point of Sale software you ask? Well there are numerous benefits that can be enjoyed for having these programs seamlessly linked.

Making sure the figures that are in your accounting platform are 100% correct will save time, money and give you greater business insights.

Automatically Share Data between Software Platforms

With a live integration between your POS and your accounting system, all of the appropriate data that has been set up to sync will automatically carry across. This will mean that when your end of day is performed and your figures are finalised for the day they will be imported into your Accounting package.

Save Time

Having this data automatically pushed across will guarantee you save your valuable time with data entry.  It will remove the manual entering that is generally needed to get your sales figures across.  Even if it only saves you 5 minutes a day (because you have entering your figures down to an art). That 5 minutes turns into 35 minutes a week and nearly two and a half hours a month! Now that is a fair amount of time that you can put to better use and maybe have some down time.

Integrating your Accounting Software with your Point of Sale Platform

Minimise Errors

With data rolling over automatically it can also minimise entering in the wrong figures. Since the data will not be carried across from your Point of Sale Software until it balances in your system there will be less errors.  But also because of this it will mean that any manual entering errors (which can cause reconciliation nightmares) will be avoided! This can be a huge benefit to your business and your sanity.

Better insights into Business Performance

Having these two programs seamlessly linked can be used for more than just importing your sales figures.  Depending on your Accounting package there will be numerous other information that can be carried across.  This can include additions or amendments to customers products and suppliers.  Using the power of these reports and more will give you the ability to track cash flow, payments due and make more informed decisions.  You will be able to see your overall Business Performance in real time.

There are many tangible benefits to have your Accounting package and Point of Sale platform integrated. Contact the Creative Point of Sale team if you would like more information on the accounting integrations we have available.  

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