Epos Now's new and Improved AppStore is here

Epos Now is company that works on using it's customers feedback as the foundation for all the changes and updates they implement.  So this month they are excited to unveil and release the brand new Epos now AppStore, which has been developed as a direct response to their users comments and reviews.  

The Epos Now vision starts with a great core offering, which is enriched by the best of breed integrations that help to enable a wide toolbox of functionality.  This builds on their founding principles of being innovators, thought leaders and technology disruptors.

Epos now have made a range of improvements to the AppStore, which range from big new features to subtle adjustments that make for easier navigations.  Below is a list of some of the changes that have been made in this latest release.

AppStore Navigation

The AppStore is located in the back office and is accessed via the apps link on the left hand side.  Once clicked, the first difference is a clutter-free screen that offers clear links within the navigation menu:

To minimise the menu, click the hamburger icon in the top right corner.  To reopen, click the hamburger icon again.

The main AppStore page has changed to offer a selection of your installed apps for ease of access at the top of the screen.  The first section of the AppStore is the recommended apps, which are identified by the recommended button.


Recommended Apps

The Recommended Apps category contains apps which have been handpicked by Epos Now due to their ability to bring out the very best of your business.  The Epos Now team have scrutinised every app to ensure they meet the expected standard.  Recommended Apps have demonstrated optimal value and return on investment.


Apps and Categories 

The next great feature of the new look AppStore includes a redefined apps categories area which makes it easier for the user to find the right app that supports their business. The Categories are:

If you already know which app you are looking for, then you can use the handy search option on the main AppStore page or in the navigation menu.

Please note that a search carried out within the category page will only return results in that particular category.  For example, clicking the Accounting category and searching for Mailchimp will return zero results, but searching for Mailchimp on the main AppStore page or via the navigation will return a result.

Once you have clicked the app, you will see a restyled page which offers information on the integration as well as reviews.

If you click on the Reviews it will take you to the review section of that app which is located at the bottom of the page.

My Apps 

To install an app via the AppStore, select the app then click 'Buy App' or 'Get Free App' and follow the instructions.

To uninstall an app, click My Apps via the navigation menu and click the cog against the app you wish to uninstall . Select Uninstall App; you will then be asked to confirm the action.

Click the information icon for additional details about the installed apps:

Apps have different actions depending on the nature of the integration. If there is a call to action, the action button will state ‘Go To...' and when clicked you will be taken to the corresponding location in the back office.

If the action button states ‘Setup’, it means you will be taken to the setup screen for that integration. For example, when Setup is clicked against Xero, the following screen will appear which walks you through how to setup the Xero integration:

If the action button states “More Info” then the additional details pop-up will appear.