New Close Till Experience

Recently Epos Now have been changing the way the Close Till is done.  They implemented a host of new highly requested features and have been adjusting the processes based on feedback.

  • Variances are calculated as you enter in all
  • Entering tender totals are now optional, if left blank then values will be registered as zero.
  • Completing checklists are no longer mandatory. Instead, these now act to provide visibility around open or outstanding bills before closing your till.
  • Seperate float and total lines at the bottom of cash up summary help to tie everything up.

Closing your till for the day

Closing your register is very important.  Most places do an end of day everyday, as generally this is the best practice, but some businesses only perform end of day with the owner is present.  This process totals up their payments based on physical cash counts, credit sales and compare to sales that are within Epos Now.

Close Till 

To close the till, open the menu functions and tap 'Admin', followed by 'Close Till'.

epos now till screen

close till screen epos now

Total up your takings from this shift and enter the amounts against the relevant tenders displayed on the End of Day screen.  From this screen you will see a summary of recorded takings broken down by tender, along with any petty cash withdrawals, float adjustments or customer credits issued.

In the Cash Column you count the total amount of Cash that is in your Cash Drawer and enter the amount.  The 'expected' column in Cash counts the actual amount of Cash sales your till has recorded during the relevant period, but your actual Cash count will include your float that was entered when opening the till. So your count should differ from this 'Expected' column but will balance out when float is adjusted into the figures by your Epos Now System.

Note: Users unable to see the recorded takings on this page will have their role configured to see 'Blind End of Day' on their Back Office.  Edit your 'Role' permissions through the 'Management' tab, under the 'Staff' heading.

Tap on the 'Print and Close Till' button once you've inputted your takings.  Your cash drawer will automatically fire and a final End of Day Summary will then be printed from your receipt printer

Tap 'OK' on the pop-up confirmation window you're presented with to complete the till close process.

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