Need to contact Creative POS Support?

There are a few ways to do so

Your Point of Sale support is important, and not knowing the correct way to get hold of the team when you are having issues can make for a frustrating experience. 

Generally the easiest way to contact support is the phone number, however during busy times you may not be able to get through because the lines are busy, aside from leaving a message there are also other ways you can contact support.  

Phone Number 

Online Portal 

Submit a Ticket on the Portal 

Online Chat 

Email Support 

Our Website 


One of the easiest and fastest ways to get through to the support team at Creative POS is giving the phone number a call.  Our support phone system runs 24/7 and is a full online VOIP system.  If no one answers the phone, the best thing to do is to leave a short voice message with the details of the issues you are having.  

Leave a Message

Our phone lines can get very busy some times and we do not always have the man power to answer every call that comes through, that is why, when you leave a voice message, it alerts the system, creates a ticket and will notify the team of the issue and allows them to organise when to effectively deal with the issue.  

Phone Number: 07 3483 0525

Online Portal 

All of our support issues come into one central location, our online portal which can be found at the URL . No matter how you lodge a ticket, email, phone call or online chat it all comes into one, easy to manage location so at a glance you as the client will be able to see all the jobs you have lodged with us, their status and the progress our team has made on them.  

To get started on the portal you will have to create an account, which will come as an email invitation to the email address you have supplied to us from your installation details, or the one you have been contacting us on. Alternatively you can set an account up yourself, if the setup prompt hasn't been emailed to you, by visiting the domain and hitting "sign up."

This email will contain a link, once clicked it will take you to a page where you can create a secure password so you can access your own dashboard.  


Submit a Ticket online 

When you are logged into the portal you will be able to see many helpful features, including some documentation on common problems and fixes and training guides.  But you will also be able to log a ticket about issues you currently have or some areas you require assistance with.  

This is a great way to save you time if the problem isn't urgent because it ensures you don't have to be waiting on the phone for someone to answer, especially if you are just after some work flow assistance or want some guidance.  

To submit a ticket head to "New support ticket" on the home screen of the portal and enter the details about the job you need assistance with.  


Online Chat

Within the portal is also the option to chat online with one of the support team members.  This is another great way to get help on issues that aren't urgently affecting your trade, but if the crew is online to chat you may be able to get the help instantly.  

To access this, you will see on the bottom right hand side of your online portal a box that says "How can we help you today." Once clicked the chat box will pop up and you have the ability to check your details and you will be able to start the chat and diagnose the problem you are having or get the help you need.  Alternatively you will also find the same Chat box on our website located in the bottom right hand corner. 

These chat sessions can then be turned into a ticket if they require more in depth action and you can check the progress of them within the portal.  



Another way to submit a ticket to the support team is just a simple email. If you haven't set up your online portal or just don't have current access to it, you can compose an email to and it will submit a ticket with your details into the system.  Any response to the ticket will come as a reply to this initial email, and you can also check the status of these tickets in the online portal too.  


Our Website

On our main website  you can also find the access points you need to contact the support team at Creative. On the home page in the top right hand corner you will find a button that will take you directly to our support portal so you can log in and log a job. Alternatively the same live chat feature is also available on the website. All you need to do is input the appropriate details and if a team member is available to chat you could be trouble shooting your issue fast and easily.  This is also means that you can access both of these easy to use features from a mobile device too. 

Support Contacts for Creative Point of Sale 

Phone:                   07 3483 0525
Online Portal :


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