5 Marketing tips to help increase your Sales this Easter

With the Easter chocolate trade worth hundreds of millions of dollars and the Easter holiday period turning into one of the most profitable of the year, behind Christmas, it’s time to hatch some marketing plans for your business and capture that crazy trade. 

And since the Easter weekend is coming around fast, this is the time to get into the spirit and embrace some Easter themed promotions that can help drive your businesses sales even further. 

Offer Eggstra Choice
Easter themed menu Items

Easter is one of those times of years that makes it hard to resist chocolate and indulging, so why not incorporate this into your menu.  Creating some Easter themed treats that you can easily add to your everyday menu could just make your venue the destination to hit this holiday period.  Offering things like bunny themed milkshakes, extravagant hot chocolates, decadent chocolate egg filled donuts, fresh hot cross buns, could just make you the place to capture foot traffic and tourists. 

Create an Easter Event

Since Easter is a time for families, why not use this vibe and host a family friendly Easter event for your customers.  This can be the quickest way to get your products and services in front of people and demonstrates that you value your customers.  By creating an event like an Easter Egg Hunt, where invites can be directly emailed out to exisiting customers or promoted to new ones by having flyers in store or social media campaigns, you have the opportunity to capture peoples attention.  Not only will this show appreciation to your loyal customers but can also be a great opportunity to showcase your business to other customers. 

Perhaps an Egg hunt doesn’t match the vibe of your venue, so you could look to offer Easter tastings, Decorating workshops, Easter themed meals and so much more. 

Special Easter Offers

Who doesn’t love a good discount or special? Specials are a way to encourage customers to choose your store over others because they will be getting more value from their purchase.  This can be a great point of difference to promote as specials will generally increase the traffic into your store and in turn boost the sales. By making these specials time limited, and only applicable on certain days over the Easter weekend or the time leading up can also help encourage the customer to buy sooner rather than later.   

Eggstravegent Easter

Easter Hampers

Customers love convenience and with most people being time poor, putting together some Easter hampers could be a great way to capture some extra sales.  Collect a bunch of Easter themed items from your store and create hampers that could be made for kids or adults, or maybe create chocolate filled baskets that include products from your menu and showcase your business.  Make it easy for the customer, allowing them to get their Easter fix in one smooth transaction. 

Eggscellent Campaigns

Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform to use to engage your target audience and promote you business during any holiday season.

Since there is no use in creating specials if nobody knows about them you can use this reach to spread Easter content and engage those people that may have the Easter holiday period off work.  This is the perfect place to promote all the campaigns and offers we discussed before.  You can use this to showcase your Easter menu, make sure your customers are aware of your trading hours, promote an Easter competition and put up content that can help set you apart from other venues.

It is definitely easier to get into the spirit of Easter and embrace the holidays than it is to ignore it.  With spending at an all time high year after year at Easter it definitely wouldn’t hurt to implement some extra marketing to try and capture more sales.  And as with any marketing campaign, it’s important to embrace multiple channels and not just put all your eggs in one basket, to ensure maximum success.  So why not get cheeky with it and have some fun. Remember Easter is a fun time, there is bunnies, hot cross buns and chocolate everywhere!