What to consider when choosing your POS system

Picking a new POS system can be a hugely overwhelming decision, especially when there are so many brands, companies, types and additional add on options.  Do you go Cloud Based or stick to a standard system, do you pick the cheapest quote, how many terminals will you need, what equipment will it run on, who will install it, and so it goes.  

To help you make the all important decision on what technology you will choose to be the brains inside your business we have put together some points to consider when choosing the product that is right for you.  

Evaulate your business

Not every POS system is created equal, so first and fore most you need to work out what you want out of your system.  Here is where you need to determine what features you are currently missing from your current system and identify what issues you would like resolved from an upgrade and also forecast what you may need in the future.   

Working out exactly what your business needs before you start looking for a POS provider is a crucial way to avoid being sold a system that may have all the bells and whistles that doesn't suit what you were actually after.  

Don't buy based on price alone

Yes we understand that the price is extremely important but you definitely don't want to base your decision solely upon who has given the cheapest quote.  It may be hard to resist the temptation to save a few dollars but if you're in the market to replace hardware, buying it on the cheap can end up costing more in the long run, after all they are cheap for a reason. Choosing hardware that is tried and tested against the rigours of business trading hours is essential and can become quite a costly venture.  So you also need to make sure the price is viable for your business and you may be able to look at options like renting off a service provider if purchasing outright isn't feasible.  

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Reporting and features

As your Point of Sale system is a huge investment you are going to want to check how in depth its reporting capabilities are and make sure it's rich in the features you are actually wanting.  After you have initially evaluated your businesses needs you will know the actual information you want your POS system to provide, such as hourly sales, employee productivity, marketing reports, etc and narrow down the ones that are right for you.  Maybe another big thing for your business is the ability to track inventory levels, so check if the system has in depth stock control features. 

Write a list of what you need and make sure the POS system you choose has all the reporting and feature needs your business requires so you can use it to get a better understanding of how your business is operating and use it to evaluate and make changes that, in turn, could help you increase sales and productivity.  


Software integrations are a great way to expand your POS capabilities and streamline workflows, so choosing a POS that can integrate with a large range of other software packages is a huge benefit to your business. Maybe after you evaluated your business you discovered the time it was taking to enter your daily sales figures was high so things like accounting integrations can save you time by automatically transferring your daily sales data across and eliminate the need for that manual entering.  If you are a restaurant venue you could look to integrate with booking companies and have your table bookings come directly into the till, and retail stores with ecommerce websites may be able to integrate with their POS so stock levels are always live and correct.  

Depending on what your business requirements are finding a POS that can integrate with software packages you already make use of, could really help you in many ways.  


Naturally, you are not going to have a huge understanding of the system at the beginning, so having a comprehensive support backup in place can be worth its weight in gold.  Whether it's questions and extra training needed after your set up, help with menu changes or issues that could arise during your busiest trading hours.  

Firstly finding a company that offers 24/7 support is a huge benefit.  If you're in hospitality you could find yourself in trouble at 10pm and need urgent assistance or in the retail world your system may go down on a Saturday during your peak trade times and if your support plan is business hours Monday to Friday you can't afford to wait.  If you don't have that support system to help during non business hours it could result in a loss of revenue if your system will not trade, so make sure your POS provider offers a comprehensive 24/7 support option.  

At Creative POS we are finding that most business are making the switch, not because their POS can't do what they want, but more because they don't have the proactive support behind it to help with issues, and further training to understand all the capabilities of their system.  We believe in the ability of our product but we are also proud of the level of customer service we offer alongside our it.   With comprehensive 24/7 emergency support plans we are always available to help when you need it, and we 


These are some great things to keep in mind when choosing your Point of Sale system and provider.  Here at Creative we are quite happy to answer any questions or queries you may have about choosing the system that is right for you.  We will take you through and give you any extra information you may require, ie. integration capabilities, reporting functions and how our POS system can help you and your business, so feel free to reach out.