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Why should you upgrade to a POS system?

The benefits of updating your system. 

So you have a system in place already.  Everyone knows how to use it, you can work on it, your service time is reasonable so why would you upgrade to a POS system? If you think your system is already sufficient enough for your business then maybe it's time to start looking at what it doesn't do for you.  Having a high quality POS system is a huge asset for businesses and can give your insights that can help you to run your business the right way.   

Once upon a time, POS systems were a huge expensive that most smaller businesses just couldn't afford or justify, but now with the competitive market growing, most business can look to invest in a system and enjoy the benefits.  

Because you your business is ever evolving, you need to have technology within that can change and grow as you do.  To help you see what you could be getting out of an updated POS system we have put together a list, highlighting some of the key benefits.  

Keep track of your Business data

One huge, unmeasurable benefit of upgrading to a POS system is the reporting capabilities.  Having the data on hand to analyse your sales gives you a better understanding on selling trends, your popular trading times, sales breakdowns and gives you a way to measure marketing effectiveness.  

When armed with this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions about your business and make changes that can effectively increase profitability.  Based on this analysis you could cut back on labour costs and arrange staff more efficiently by looking at busier trading hours, increase sales by offering more of that they really enjoy, and promote specials that actually create a return.   

You will also be able to draw on your transaction history easier and quicker.  If you need to know how much you sold last weekend you can pull reports and see those exact figures, and over time the value of these features will only increase as the historical data will make it easier to sharpen forecasts on busy times, like Christmas and Easter.  

Inventory management

With a quality POS system you can have in depth inventory control and always be able to see your stock levels in real-time which can have a big impact on business profitability.  Being able to better manage your stock levels means you can order more efficiently and cut back on over or under ordering.  And with the ability to break sales data down by an individual menu item you can quickly validate actual stock against expected levels and identify areas that have high waste or even theft.  With the use of a POS system, automated ordering functionalities can be used to improve accuracy of stock levels and save time on manual inventory management.  

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Improve your service speed

It’s a well known fact that customers hate waiting and some will even refuse to wait in lines, so keeping service lines to a minimum is always optimal.  With POS you can speed up the time it takes you to process a sale with the use of barcode scanners and touch screen hot keys and even streamline the communication to your working stations like your kitchen or coffee areas. 


As well as making the sales process faster it can also improve accuracy.  By eliminating errors that are made by staff when physically punching in the numbered totals of each item (or even guessing the right prices) you can make sure customers are not over charged or even under charged.  It also makes managing prices easier and price changes can be updated instantly throughout your entire venue.  

Customer Loyalty

Maybe in your business you already offer some kind of customer loyalty program, something like, buy x amount and your x is free, but with a POS system you have the ability to take this digital.  Not only can you have your customer details stored in POS recording purchases and automatically offering their rewards but you can also have deeper insight into their buying trends meaning you can offer them tailored marketing. 

Integrations that can save you precious time

Your POS system can also look to integrate with other software platforms you may already use which can save you time and streamline your work load. 

You could look to integrate your accounting package with your POS and have your balanced figures automatically transferred over into the software, eliminating manual hours spent entering this data. If your business takes bookings you could integrate this into your point of sale system and rid the need for pen and paper notes and also look to improve this service and add the ability to do online bookings. 

Integrations are always expanding so there will always be new opportunities for you to automate and simplify your processes.  

So as you can see there are many reasons to why you should look at switching from an old outdated system in favour of more current technology.  Think of your Point of Sale system as an asset and with the added benefits of increasing productivity and automations that can save you time and streamline your work flow it can be good for your bottom line. 

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