Checklist to ensure you are ready to get your POS up and running

So you've decided to run your own business, you've fitted out your location of choice, chosen suppliers, hired staff and have made the all important choice of your Point of Sale System.  We understand how exciting (and stressful) this time can be so to help you get your business ready for your POS system, and allow a smooth install we have prepared a checklist of factors to consider.  This is to make sure everything you need within your venue is ready to go and there is no delay before your big grand opening.  

Stock listing

In our initial contact and welcome we will send you an excel spreadsheet that needs to be filled in with your menu or stock items.  This spread sheet is for our staff to turn into your POS system database and is needed back asap as inputting and perfecting these data bases can be a time consuming process.  

There is no need to worry if you are not super tech savvy, as the document comes with both examples and instructions and our team is always available to help.  What is important in this time is making sure you list out all of your menu items, from coffee types through to the milk options, all of your food options with extras and all stock items you carry and then assign them to the appropriate categories within the form.  

Our team will use all the information you provide to construct your database and build a suitable layout.  It is important to allow ample time for the database generaration so tht there is many times it can be reviewed and adjusted making it perfect for your grand opening. 



Throughout the process there will be opportunities for you to have training with one of our tech support guys, whether remote or in person.  If you get your data through fast enough these training sessions will be on your actual POS system database so you can get an immediate feel for the software.  This training session is your chance to ask questions and get your head around the features and layouts of your new system.  It will introduce you to the basics like navigating around the till screens, completing sales, customising in the back office and an overview of the reports.  If you don't understand something we won't just leave you in the dark and can offer you the opportunity to repeat a session, link you into guide me documents or always be available for phone chats.  




Get Connected!

When designing your venue you would of been considering a smooth and efficient layout for your future customers but it also important to include your POS layout in this planning stage.  Working out where you want your till to be placed for maximum flow, where your kitchen printers will go, the location of the network router are all very important factors to your venue.

Once these locations are confirmed you will know exactly what power points and cable connections you will need for these areas.  Having this worked out before install is beneficial to helping everything to run smoothly and efficiently because connections are an absolute essential to getting your venue ready for POS.  Without the right connections for your network, your till, your printers, and your eftpos won't be able to communicate properly within your venue and the install won't be able to be completed.  Ensuring the cabling is completed and correct, making sure the power and electrical supply is ready and most importantly having good quality internet live. 

A fast, secure internet network is extremely important to ensuring all of your software and hardware communicate reliably  to not only make every day transactions swift and simple but to keep your systems updated and available for support. If you need help in determining if your network will be able to handle the capabilities of your POS contact the team and they can help talk you through it.  

Is construction complete?

When it comes to actually booking in your installation date it is important that your venue is ready.  To streamline the process and make installation as smooth as possible it is best the venue is close to being customer ready, with all construction completed.  We will not install your hardware into a construction site, one there is a risk it may get damaged and two you may change your mind on the location of a few things.  If things are not going to plan, like there has been construction delays, or the build is just taking longer than expected we can always move your installation date back to a later date.  Just contact the team and we can look to reschedule to a date that suits your venue and our team. 

Check it all over.

Before you open your doors, it is best to double check the running of your POS.  Make sure that all prices within the menu grid are correct, check that receipts print properly with the correct details and to the right locations and train all your staff on how to effectively use the system.

This ensures that before your doors actually open to the public that there are no hiccups in your POS setup that will cause delays to your service, and that they can be rectified by our support staff within our business hours and before you open.  Don't leave it until you are open to check these areas as although we are available to help at all times, we could be booked out and busy when you need these changes ASAP.  

Using this guide is the best way to make sure your installation runs as smoothly as possible and you get everything in and set up before your grand opening.  Our tech guys are here to help you in every way possible to get your software up and running so you can open your doors and start selling smoothly.