Getting Ahead

5 Reasons to have an Online Presence for your Venue

"2 in 3 adults use social media"


In order for your business to grow quickly, you need to be able to reach a wide target audience as quickly as possible. Social media channels are a perfect way to achieve this. With studies showing that 2 in 3 adults  use social media, by tapping into this you have the potential to market your venue to wide and responsive audience.

Here are just 5 reasons having an online presence can benefit your business.
 You have a story to tell

Your business has many messages to share with potential customers and sharing it online is a perfect and simple way of telling your the story behind your venue or product.  Using social media channels gives you, as a business owner, a platform to openly share offerings, purposes and insights to an unlimited audience.

You may already have an online Presence 

With the rise of internet savvy customers, you may find that your venue could already have an unmanaged online presence.  This can happen by customers posting images and write ups on their personal channels about your venue.  By creating your own social media pages and presence you can embrace, manage and respond to all feedback that is posted about your business.  Managing feedback is crucial, especially if the response could be that of a negative one as it also gives you opportunity to respond, grow and change what could be a common complaint.  

Social media builds loyalty 

It has been found that brands with active social media profiles have a more loyal customer following, and it's easy to imagine why.  When you engage and interact on social media, and not just toss your posts out onto the web in the hope someone will stumble upon them, you become less like a business and the interaction becomes more personal.  It also allows you to quickly respond to your customers and keep track of their feedback, which will further improve customer relationships and loyalty.


Social Media marketing costs less than Traditional Marketing

Another huge advantage to having an online presence is the marketing factor.  Traditional marketing often requires a sizeable budget for printing  of adverts and flyers and also involves a labour hire cost but, by comparison, social media marketing costs much less.  With social media numbers growing at astronomical rates, your potential market audience numbers are huge and can be more easily targeted.  You can't not afford to have a social media marketing campaign in a world that is so driven by social media.

A virtual front of House

Having social channels also allows your venue to have a "virtual Front of House".  This is a place, where most new age customers will go to check out your business and it's a chance to tailer their first impression.  You can share with them insights into your venue, show them products, have your full menu for them to view, pin point your exact location and have opening hours available.  In hospitality venues that have a POS system capable of reservation integrations this can also give you a unique opportunity to offer online reservations to your customers, making it even easier for them to view your offerings and book a table.