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Spirit House: A mecca for Thai Food on the Sunshine Coast

Located in the quiet, quant town of Yandina is the Spirit House.  Serving up some the best asian eats on the Sunshine Coast, this busy venue has come from humble beginnings 22 years ago to now, an Australia wide legend.  Nestled inside 5 acres of lush, tropical gardens you could be forgiven for thinking you were in the middle of Asia as soon as you step foot from the carpark.

Led through a densely planted, windy path through bamboo forests, you will find the restaurant wrapping around a gorgeous pond, with a capacity to seat 100 customers. Following the path further you can find the cooking school, where you can learn how to cook the dishes this multi award winning venue produces.  Then further on you will find the Spirit House’s latest venture, the Hong Sa Bar.  A purpose built, sleek black building that houses a bar and a private dining room that is completely seperate to the main restaurant. 

Spirit House and Creative POS

This multi award winning mecca for Thai food started as a small enterprise and used a cash register.  But as they experienced rapid growth they needed technology to keep up, they needed a system that could grow as they grew. After trying numerous different POS providers, Acland, from the Spirit House switched to Creative Point of Sale and has been with them ever since.  

“a system that could grow as we grew”

“As we get new ideas or need new features, through Creative it’s easy to make those features happen and solve problems through the POS” he said, when we went and visited on a busy Saturday afternoon.  And that was exactly what happened when they opened the new Hong Sa Bar.  They found they needed new features to help with reporting when they opened the seperate bar and the Creative team found a way to make this possible.  


The venue needed an add on of not only just a new terminal, but a new function that allowed them to merge customers bar tabs from Hong Sa Bar onto their table at the restaurant.  To achieve this seamless result, meaning that customers didn’t have to commit to two transactions within the venue, a seperate table map was created.  Staff could then merge the tab created from diners having pre dinner drinks at the bar across to their restaurant table in a couple of easy steps.  

Even when the tabs are merged, reporting power is not limited.  The venue is still able to pull reports based on location so they can still see the revenue and sales made by the bar and restaurant even if tabs are merged across.  

If you run a venue that is needing a similar set up or would just like to get in touch with the Creative team about a POS System set up, contact us here. 

Spirit House

Spirit House: Thai Mecca on the Sunshine Coast