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Software Rollout & Automation

What we see more often than not is failure to correctly implement everything from BI (Business Intelligence) systems, document storage solutions and of course point of sales software.

Now this can be caused by both the supplier and or the customer (yes you!) as software implementation is not a “start stop” process.

To get the most out of your software system, ongoing improvements, tweaks and adjustments need to be made.

Rather than trying to fix all of your problems at once put together a list of what is most important when rolling out a new software package and itemise this to understand what is most important. Keep in mind that If something is missing then the workflow won’t work.

Workflow automation is about streamlining and automating business processes. Deploying workflow automation to everyday business processes will reduce the number of tasks employees would otherwise do manually, freeing them to spend more time thinking about value-added tasks.

This essentially allows more things to get done in the same amount of time and will speed up production and reduce the possibility of errors.

If the right processes are established then every employee will know what is expected of them and what they are accountable for. Any deviation should be escalated to management via a notification.

If there is a bottleneck in the workflow managers can make an informed decision and act on it immediately. With the ability to measure workflow, businesses can also understand where it is possible to improve.

Workflow automation can also help organisations maintain standards by configuring the workflow to make sure all essential activities and outcomes are tracked and escalated.

If you would like to know more regarding software implementation we can assist directly or point you in the direction!