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What Have We Been Doing?

New Team

Well quite a lot has changed over the last 12 months we have a bigger team now with the new staff bringing a wealth of experience in a variety of areas including management of large retail business through to software rollout for multinational companies.

New Premises

We have moved premises! Not far, some say closer to the bar we say 1 floor down! However the space is bigger allowing us to offer more solutions along with a demonstration area thats setup for our exisiting and new clients to see how things work. Everything from kitchen monitors and eftpos integrations through to customer loyalty campaigns and web ordering systems.

This will be an ever changing area showcasing what services we offer here at Creative Point of Sale.

We also have a dedicated training room allowing small groups in to discuss current workflow issues and learn to use the software to streamline business tasks and the best part about this is that if you are a support member in house training is free!!

New Partnerships

To make your life easier we have partnered up with suppliers and business covering almost everything you need to start your new venue.

New Support Packages

We understand all to well that everyone has a different skill set and needs, so we now have 3 support packages in our offering to better give you access to the information and services you need.

New Software

Quite a lot of our clients will already be on version7 as this has been available for 12 months however Version 7 offers a variety of new features and integration offerings to give you more control over your business.

New Hardware

To give more flexibility and suitability of installation environments we have a range of handheld solutions available along with some pretty tidy solutions for small spaces without impacting on capabilities.

New support Network

We now have one of the largest if not the largest national support network available consisting of over 180 support technicians across the country!


If you would like any further information about the above please contact us!


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  1. Great to see how much has happened over the last 12 months. Excellent company with a priority always on service. Looking forward to seeing what the next year brings!

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