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Mobile Wallet: The Latest Trend in Payment Options

2014/15 were the years of Pay Pass and Pay Wave, taking the Hospitality and Retail Sectors by storm. Nowadays, contactless payment is almost expected in any business you visit, and comes built in with any new eftpos terminal. Leading into 2016, the way of paying for goods and services has taken another leap forward, allowing individuals to leave their wallets at home, paying via their phone.

Mobile payment systems are progressively gaining popularity, with an array of payment apps now available in both the Play and Apple store. Although individuals can easily access these applications, not all POS systems integrate and allow customers to use these new card-free payment options. Lucky for you, our systems have the capability to work in partnership with a number of these apps! Two of our most popular integrations are with Clipp and PayPal.


Clipp has taken this country by storm and is now live in approximately 600 bars, pubs and clubs throughout the nation. Founded by Greg Taylor, Clipp is a bar tab app that is controlled through your phone, removing the need to hold licenses and use credit cards. With its simple integration point, staff can easily set up and close a tab without having to hold anything of the customers. As the app is linked to an individual’s credit card, customers can leave whenever they are ready, choosing to close the tab themselves or have staff finalise once service has finished for the day.

Why We Love Clipp:

  • Easier/more convenient payment option
  • Removes chances of losing credit cards
  • Customers can view tab on their phone
  • PCI Compliant (reduces fraud and identity theft risks)
  • Customers can’t leave without paying
  • Quicker setups = quicker service
  • Ability to generate own promotions
  • No setup or monthly fees
  • Money in your bank the next day


The newest paypal app takes the mobile payment options one step further again by allowing individuals to order before they even arrive at the store! Waiting in queues for a coffee while already running late can now be a thing of the past. Businesses set-up with PayPal allow customers to order and pay from their phone, meaning they can pick up their items and be on their way quicker than you can say PayPal! Their new Pay at Table payment feature is also great for sit down restaurants, creating a quicker payment process for customers and staff.

Why We Love PayPal:

  • Pay at Table provides ease in splitting table bills (includes dividing by number of customers or a percentage)
  • Customers with the App can log in & chose items they wish to pay for
  • No cards or cash needed!
  • Uses photo identification so staff can identify customers
  • Card info secured in App using pin codes + other security
  • Quicker turnaround table times
  • Order and pay before arriving at location
  • Simplified payment processes

With mobile wallets set to grow indefinitely over the next decade, Creative POS aims to provide users with access to the latest and greatest apps that provide easier payment options for all kinds of businesses. You can rest assured that your business will always be provided with the best technology on offer when with Creative POS Solutions.