Support Packages – Are They Really Worth It?

Often when prompted to sign up for support packages, you can’t help but look at it like an extended warranty offer,  thinking it is just another cost that you’re more than like not going to get anything out of.  And sometimes you may be right in thinking this! However, a support package for certain software/equipment has the potential to be an incredibly profitable investment, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars that you would have lost if the support was not available.

WTAGetting your money’s worth truly depends on what is actually on offer in a support package. There is no point in signing up if you’re forced to wait on a phone for hours, are dealing with someone who has little to no knowledge on the product and your needs, or being forced to wait days or weeks before the issue is resolved. Here is a quick list of things to AVOID when signing up to a support package:

  • Reactive support ONLY: this generally does nothing for your business other than cover a few issues when they arise.
  • Broadcasted software updates: do you want the current software as soon as it is released? Or would you prefer the option to update when it has been trialed and tested/ when it is most suitable for your business (how many times have you updated your phone or PC too early in the piece and wish you could roll it back!?)
  • No direct account manager: How many times have you sat on the phone with Telstra and had to repeat yourself 6 times as there is no consistency in you support contact.
  • Days/Week Long Delays: It is all good and well if someone is happy to take your call and is aware that you are having issues, but having to wait a long period of time before seeing any form of solution can cost you a large amount of cash flow, with the potential to be detrimental to your business.

Keeping these points in mind, here are a few things you should be LOOKING FOR when signing up to a support package:

  • WTLFProactive Support: done correctly this will dramatically reduce any reactive or emergency issues.
  • Fast Reaction Time: Staff are available to address your issue as soon as it arises, and are able to visit the site in person if necessary.
  • SLA’s: It is fine for a company to claim their reaction times are efficient and above average, but do they have any proof of these claims, or are they simply trying to get your signature on the dotted line? A detailed SLA report can supply you with all the details you need so you’re aware in real time of the support company’s capabilities.
  • Coverage of Multiple Issues: You want a support package that covers as many possible situations as possible to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

We are very much advocates for joining a support membership, however we are also aware that what is available is not always worth the cost. Remember, it is always okay to ask questions and ensure that what they are providing will in fact be beneficial for your business.

For a list of all the features available in our support package, please click here.

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