Spending Money to Make Money

Purchase Process

This is not just a comment, its real whether you like it or not! Search this phrase on Google and it will show you approximately 118 million results. Good, bad or otherwise you would have encountered this at some stage.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting you go out there and buy the most expensive software you can find. Every software package will have its perks and downfalls and it’s just a matter of finding which suits you and your business best.

When looking to purchase software to better manage your business some key areas to focus on are:

  • Your own experiences using the products
  • Product literature such as brochures and catalogues
  • Online forums
  • Customer testimonials
  • Consult team members
  • Visits to suppliers.
  • Competitor information.

After reviewing all of these points, the below items should also be considered:

Implementation – What is involved in setting up the system from scratch or what is involved in migrating the data from one system to another.

Ongoing Support – The ongoing level of support required for your business, take into account is it more cost effective having a team member manage and understand the system or outsource this to our supplier.

Cost – Cost is last in this as it should be in your search for a system to suit your business, whether it be an extra $10 per month or $100 per month this should have minimal impact on your decision. With the right system and supplier your return of investment should outweigh any capital investment.

By Nick Chadwick