Reliable Point of Sale systems with features designed to empower your work flows, no matter your business type.  


With the ability to sync seamlessly with a range of accounting software solutions you can save both time and money and have data automatically transferred. 

Customer Loyalty

Build a customer database and grow your repeat business by implementing a customer loyalty program.   


Having a point of sale system that can manage all of the information needed to effectively implement reservations means you can have all your customers information at your finger tips.

Stock Control

With a powerful stock control tool this point of sale system helps you manage all aspects of your stock, from purchasing, transfers, dumps and stock takes.  


Make more informed decisions with in your business by using detailed reports that can be pulled from many aspects including sales, stock control and financial.

Split Bills

In a service based industry it's things like offering the ability to split bills that can help your business to get ahead of the competition. Split each bill by covers, items or a combination of both, with no manual calculations or errors. 

What we offer

No matter the type of business you run, Creative Point of Sale has the software to suit your needs, with exceptional support to keep you running efficiently.  

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